Pre-Party Questions and Logistics

I'm interested. What's next?
We are available to meet in your home and answer any questions you have about your party prior to booking. Call us at 484-469-7674, or email us at events@poshpartiesforkids.com, to schedule a FREE pre-party consultation. If you are ready to book your party now, click here to book. Your party date will not be reserved until we receive a $200 deposit, which will be collected via credit card if you book online or can be paid during your free in-home consultation via credit card, check, or cash. All that's left to do is send us your finalized list of guests and we'll mail out your custom themed party invitations (typically 4 weeks prior to the event). The final payment for the party is required 7 days prior to the event.

How far in advance should I book my party?
It is typical to schedule your party 4 to 6 weeks in advance, however, sooner dates may be available. Click here to see all available party dates.

Where will my party take place?
We bring the party to you! Typically this means it will take place in your home; we encourage this whenever possible because children love it and it builds wonderful childhood memories. However, if you would like to find a different venue, we can coordinate the event at your chosen venue (community clubhouse, country club, hotel, banquet hall, etc).

How many guests can I invite?
Each party package is for up to 8 guests, including the birthday child. Each additional guest is $25.  Most packages can accommodate up to 12 guests including the birthday child. We recommend keeping the party exclusive and not exceeding the maximum of 12. If you feel like you are unable to shorten the guest list to 12, an additional Hostess will be needed for a fee of $100. We do our best to accommodate larger parties, so please call for more details. 

When is payment needed?
Your party date will not be reserved until we receive a $200 deposit, which will be collected via credit card if you book online or can be paid during your free in-home consultation via credit card, check, or cash. The final payment for the party is required 7 days prior to the event. We cannot accept payment on the day of the event, and if the balance is not received 7 days prior, we reserve the right to cancel your event.

What about siblings?
We encourage siblings to be part of the fun! Please include them in the guest count when deciding on your guest list.  For siblings that are younger than the party theme recommendation, please note that most party themes have small parts and pieces and may not be appropriate for younger siblings. If a sibling is attending a party, a parent is required during the party festivities.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel my party?
If unforeseen circumstances arise (illness, severe weather, loss of power) and rescheduling is necessary, your deposit will transfer to the new party date. We will work with you as best we can to get the new party date of your choice.  In the event that new invitations need to be sent out, and other food, drink, or cupcakes need to be purchased for the new party date, there will be an additional charge.  If you must cancel, we must let you know that your deposit is non-refundable.

What is the targeted age range for your parties?
Generally, our themed birthday party packages are intended for children age 4 through 12. In our experience, most four year olds are more adventurous and participate in activities guided by someone other than their parents.  With that in mind, some themes can be slightly adjusted or redesigned for younger toddlers.

Do you provide First Birthdays?
Yes we do!  A child’s first birthday is such a special day.  In most cases, a lot of friends and family gather together to celebrate and admire the birthday child. First birthday events can have a slightly different dynamic with a larger number of guests, as well as a wide range of ages.  Please call for more details about your child’s first birthday bash.

Party and Décor Specifics

How long do your parties last?
We plan each event to be 2 hours and will end on time.  Once our ending time has arrived, we will begin clean-up and tear-down of the party site.  The ending time will be listed in the invitation and parents should arrive in time to pick up the guests. We ask that all guests be escorted to another room while they wait for their rides. While the guests are waiting, this would be a great time to open gifts.  We do not allocate gift opening time within our 2 hour event.

What sort of clothing should the guests wear?
One of the main events that the children will participate in is dressing up in high-quality and fun costumes. Please be aware that a bathing suit, leotard, or tight fitting tank top and shorts are preferable for girls.  Also, boys are encouraged to wear a tight t-shirt and regular pants.

What time should the guests arrive?
The party will start at the time listed on the invitation. Guest should arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before the time stated on the invitation.  We do provide themed “pre-party” activities for guests that arrive early just to give them a taste of the theme for the day.

What about late guest arrivals?
Please advise all guests that the party will begin promptly at the scheduled time.  We want to keep disruptions during the party to a minimum, but if a guest does arrive late, we will gladly incorporate them into the current activity.  

What if we end up with a “no-show” guest?
It is unfortunate if one of your guests is unable to be present at the party after confirming his/her attendance.  However, we charge and prepare the party for the number of children that are on the finalized guest count that you provided prior to the party, not the number of children that attend. Our parties are personalized for each guest so it’s important that your final guest list is accurate.  If a child shows up that didn’t RSVP, we will do our best to accommodate him/her in the party festivities, but might not be able to provide the same custom photos, favors, or cupcakes as the other guests.